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Social Capital

Capturing and creating momentum for your professional life through your social network.

Want support to expand your professional network with intention?


If you attend business networking events, you know it is important to connect and collaborate for the purpose of business growth. Do you want to learn how to do so more effectively? 

Professional Relationships

Professional growth is more than just increasing your professional skills. It is also about growing your professional network... the relationships you build will be the ladder to higher places. 

Audience Nurturing

Increasing your sales is more than just Lead in, Customer out. It is about nurturing every lead that comes to your business. For both the immediate sale and the longterm committed client that needs woo'ed.


Bethany - The Follow Up Boss

Bethany has been an enterprising entrepreneur since a young age. She has experienced the ups and downs that come with business ownership and selling. She's also been growing her business network for years, learning the nuances of building business relationships. Across industries and demographics.

Connect with Bethany

I love to meet like-minded business professionals and learn what collaborations or professional opportunities are available between us. 

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