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"It isn’t about “Know, like and trust”.
It's about LIKE, then we want to Know, then we build Trust.
THAT is when the magic happens!!"

- Simon Sinek

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I am Bethany George.

The Follow Up Boss.

Passionate professionals in high-touch, high-investment businesses hire me to overcome the hurdles keeping them from getting their perfect clients from saying YES. 

Tired of transactional methods of sales?

 I have been selling my whole life and came face to face with this same paradigm as I was seeking to understand how to “sell” in a world that swears the only way to do it well is through forced transactional methods. 


I called BS and am now your trailblazer to a new more authentic way of sales. 

Ways to Improve your business

Sales Clarity Audit

What is holding your business back from its potential?

Are you using all the tools available to you?

How can you make an immediate impact in your business? 


Sometimes you need an infusion of insight into why a specific area of your business sales Just. Isn't. Working!


 ​Let's pinpoint your biggest sales hurdle and take immediate action to move the needle. 

Beyond the High Level

Knowing a concept and taking action are two VERY DIFFERENT skills. Let's go into the Nitty Gritty of how to do your sales in a way that isn't Icky! Together we partner up and go deep into a specific process of your sales process and implement a killer strategy. 


Do you network but rarely get clients or referrals? We can change that.

Are you investing a ton of time and money into marketing but can’t convert your audience into paying clients? No more!

Do you get interest but more often than not fail to follow through and lose the sale? I AM Tthe Follow Up Boss afterall, and so will you be! 


Client Journey Deep Dive

Are you serious about providing the BEST experience possible to your customers, starting at Hello? Desiring to increase profits while being Impact-driven? Have you recently increased your team, available services or desired clientele?


​In a deep dive we’ll both roll up our sleeves, pop the hood and take a DEEP look into everything between your First Contact with prospects through into your Client Onboarding process. We’ll find the hiccups, the leaks and the reasons why you wake up in the middle of the night sweating. ​Then we’ll unpack it all to see what you can do to make it all hum like a kitten. 

Feeling Stuck?

If you're not getting the sales results you want or you know there are places in your sales cycle that feel incongruent with your business values and wondering where to begin...

Let's have a Connection Call to learn more about each other. 

Empowering businesses across the industries

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Second to None

Bethany is second to none at nailing down the follow up process that makes the most sense for your business. She’s an excellent listener and is *stellar* at prompting - basically, she’ll pull the information she needs out of you whether you know what to say or not.

Shannon Kill

SMK Consulting

Highly Recommend

Bethany is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend, without hesitation, "The Follow Up Boss" to anyone looking to refine their sales process and messaging. Her unique/refreshing approach will help you stand out and above your competition. You will not find a business partner more dedicated to your success.

John O'Connell

Schooley Mitchell

Continued Value

Bethany introduced me to systems and processes to up my follow up game in a way that's natural for my business. I continue to refer back to things we discussed in our sessions as my business evolves. The investment continues to provide value.

Crystal Cherry

Crystal Cherry Digital

Weekly Action Tips

Ready to improve and align your sales? Join me for a weekly conversation about sales and follow up.

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