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Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Align them to your values, while still getting results. 

Subscribe to learn the most effective & authentic ways to nurture and empower your prospects; so they will buy confidently and keep coming back.

And YOU will achieve the success you desire. 

Do you struggle between proving your best to your clients while also maintaining a healthy pipeline of prospects?

A sustainable business that supports itself and you isn't just about numbers and conversions. 

Tired of transactional methods of sales?

The epic failure for business owners is believing sales only happen by using coercion.

But the real way to sell and grow sustainably is to make every prospect and client feel special. I show businesses how to do just that, from beginning to end of their customer’s journey.  

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I am Bethany George.

The Follow Up Boss.

Small business professionals hire me to help them boost and create sustainable sales through authentic relationship-building. 

What The Follow Up Boss can do for you.

Sales Audit

If sales isn't your strength, look no further.

What is holding your business back from its potential?

Are you using all the tools available to you?

How can you make an immediate impact in your business? 


 ​What this audit can do for you:

  • Highlight ways to simplify your sales process.

  • Reduce time-wasting activities.

  • Provide suggestions to improve sales through current talent and strengths. 

  • Give immediate actions to increase sales.



Price depends on business size & depth of audit.

Schedule a call to know

what kind of audit is best for you.

Network with Purpose

Business networking can immensely grow your business... when done well. Done poorly, it will waste your time, sap your energy and leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.


Done well, it can:

  • Provide a steady stream of clients and referrals.

  • Create a network of trusted professionals for you to lean on. 

  • Give you the community to mastermind with when things get rough. 

  • Help you feel confident and successful.

If you are looking to achieve these results through online or in-person network, but unsure how to accomplish it within your limited time; consider hiring me to guide you in the steps of Effective Networking.


Start with a Networking Strategy Audit - $250


Event Tabling Support

If you have or are considering having a table at an event; conference, networking or vendor event, then be sure you are set up for success!

ESPECIALLY if you are speaking at an event! 😉


How I can help:

1. Schedule an Event Prep call

​Together we'll talk through your plan to make sure you have everything prepared and ready. 

  • How you will set up your table to encourage engagement.

  • Strategies to interact with the attendees.

  • Best practices for gathering contact information.

  • What to do AFTER the event to solidify those leads.

Cost: $250 

2. Sustainable tabling practices

If you use events like this regularly, I would encourage you to do a Sales audit with me to ensure you have the entire customer journey solid and efficient.

(See previous Sales Audit service). 

Unsure what support you need?

If you're not getting the sales results you want or you know there are places in your sales cycle that feel incongruent with your business values and wondering where to begin...

Let's have a Connection Call to learn more about each other. 

Empowering businesses across the industries

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Second to None

Bethany is second to none at nailing down the follow up process that makes the most sense for your business. She’s an excellent listener and is *stellar* at prompting - basically, she’ll pull the information she needs out of you whether you know what to say or not.

Shannon Kill

SMK Consulting

Highly Recommend

Bethany is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend, without hesitation, "The Follow Up Boss" to anyone looking to refine their sales process and messaging. Her unique/refreshing approach will help you stand out and above your competition. You will not find a business partner more dedicated to your success.

John O'Connell

Schooley Mitchell

Continued Value

Bethany introduced me to systems and processes to up my follow up game in a way that's natural for my business. I continue to refer back to things we discussed in our sessions as my business evolves. The investment continues to provide value.

Crystal Cherry

Crystal Cherry Digital

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